8 Best Places To Visit In Sikkim During Winter

Sikkim in winter is, however, quite chilling yet it looks astonishing and is flaunted with mesmerizing scenic delights. The frozen lakes, the grey forest, and the snowy peaks everything altogether becomes indistinguishable from a distance. This north-eastern state experiences temperatures ranging from 4 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius and the heavy and never-ending snowfall covers almost everything that makes it very difficult for a person to even commute within the state. Hence, winter months viz. December to February are not considered safe and are less recommended to plan your Sikkim tour. But if you can survive in the extreme cold weather then winter happens to be the best time to plan your tour as, during this particular season, Sikkim looks incredibly stunning. Browsing the well-crafted Sikkim tour packages and selecting the most suitable one for your trip plays a vital role in turning your trip wonderful, successful, and super memorable.

It is one of the perfect places to explore if you are a snow lover and love playing with the snowballs as most of the travel destinations are open except the ones that are nestled on huge elevations. Keep on scrolling down the page if you are excited to check some of the most fascinating and captivating destinations established in and around Sikkim.

01. Gurudongmar Lake – The Partially Frozen Water Lake

Gurudongmar Lake
Established at an altitude of almost 17,800 feet above sea level, Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim is enlisted among some of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. However, it is one of those sites that are best to behold during the summer months but it turns immensely enchanting and eye-catching in the winter months. What attracts the travelers more is its deep blue part that doesn’t freeze even in the winter season when the temperature of the region reaches to sub-zero level. Also, the incredible combination of blue and white color on the surface of the lake makes it pretty impressive and none of the travelers should afford to miss this wonderful view. The best thing about Sikkim tourism is that being a remote area it is safe to discover the state even during the tough days of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Avg. Temperature: Ranges between -5 and 7 degree Celsius.

Travel Tip: Do not forget to carry enough woolen clothes in order to keep yourself away from harsh climatic condition.

02. Yumthang – Perfect Sunrise Point

Reckoned as the “Valley of Flowers” of Lachung, North Sikkim, Yumthang is a beautiful winter destination established at an elevation of almost 8800 feet above sea level. If you don’t see snow at Yumthang itself then move a little higher up to Zero Point that is always embedded with layers of thick snow in the winter months. This wonderful site welcomes the travelers with overwhelming and impressive white landscapes till the distance your eyes can see and especially if you plan your trip in the last week of December then you get to see the cascading town adorned with the bright colors of frozen streams, cottages, huts, and bare trees coming out of the soft mounds of white. Hence, you must head towards Lachung if you are excited to experience snowfall in Sikkim in December.

Avg. Temperature: Ranges between -6 and 13 degree Celsius

Travel Tip: Being elevated on a good height the destination witnesses inconsistency in weather so be ready with your stuffs to avoid any mishappening.

03. Zuluk – A Perfect Place For Nature Lover

However, Zuluk is a very small village yet its panoramic landscapes and the soul-soothing ambiance attract travelers from all around the country and globe. Besides being popular for its unexpressed beauty, Zuluk is also famous as a wonderful driving hamlet as it is pretty accessible through the popular Old Silk Route, a remarkable wonder representing the Indo-China border, and driving through this serpentine Silk Route reminds you of a roller coaster ride. Apart from being adorned with alluring landscapes, this wonderful hamlet in Sikkim impresses tourists with impeccable hospitality by the locals and an interesting tradition followed the natives of Zuluk and the captivating views of the snowy Kanchenjunga Peaks takes the charm of this place to the next level. Your trip to Sikkim is said incomplete if you don’t explore the Thambi viewpoint from where you can enjoy the eye-catching view of sunrise and sunset.

Temperature: Ranges between -6 and 10 degree Celsius

Travel Tips: Don’t drive when it’s too foggy outside.

04. Teesta River – A Perfect Blend Of White And Blue

Teesta River
Happens to be one of the best tourist spots in Sikkim, Teesta River is believed to be the lifeline of the state where one can indulge himself/herself in several water sports activities and river rafting is the most loved activity here. However, summer and spring happens to be the most recommended time to explore this wonderful water stream site as the gushing and ferociously flowing water attracts a huge number of tourists yet if you are a true nature admirer then winter should be the perfect time to plan your visit to Teesta River as in this season it transforms itself into a stunning spectacle of nature. One must not miss exploring the frozen realms near this river and also taking some amazing clicks for the travel frames.

Temperature: Unlike the other three destinations stated above, Teesta River doesn’t experience sub-zero level and the temperature ranges between 4 and 13 degrees Celsius at this place.

Travel Tip:

05. Kaluk: Unparalleled Paradise of Peace

Established at an altitude of almost 5300 meters above sea level, Kaluk is a small village inhabited by the people of the Lepcha tribe. It happens to be one of those places where one desires to take a break from the freezing temperatures and the chilling climate of this northeastern state. Another striking feature of this travel destination in Sikkim is that here you can enjoy luxuriate in absolutely eco-friendly and peaceful surroundings and gazing at the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga adds more fun and glory to your Kaluk trip. Also, if you are in love with adventures then you must embark on a trekking tour to Rinchenpong village through the magnificent meadows covered in snow and picturesque forests.

Temperature: The temperature of the region lies between 2 and 16 degree Celsius which is pretty better than other places.

Travel Tip: There is a very less chance that you get to see snowfall here, so stay updated with the weather forecast if you want to play with the snowfalls.

06. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery
Reckoned for its excellence in architecture, this magnificent Buddhist Monastery is enlisted amongst few of the finest places to explore in Sikkim in the winter months. This three-storied building boasts of some rare relics as well as some spiritual Buddhist artwork shown on display. Nestled on a hilltop, Rumte Monastery happens to be an incredible tourist destination and believes to be a vantage point for gazing at the admiring and amicable views of the beautiful town of Gangtok below.

Visiting Time: 6 am to 6 pm

Entry Fee: INR 10 per person

07. Ravangla – Have a sneak peak at the snowy views

Another popular tourist site, Ravangla is tucked in the southern region of the state and offer endless surprises and fun to the travelers coming here from different parts of this huge world. Tucked at the foothills of the gorgeous Maenam Hills and 7000 feet above sea level, Ravangla is a year-round destination with the most favorable weather and also the most blissful ambiance. However, it is a year-round destination yet the region turns into a wonderful winter wonderland in the winter months as the region receives huge snowfall and the entire valley gets covered with thick white blankets of snow. Hence, if you are a true nature admirer or love playing with snowballs then there is no other better place to explore in winter than Ravangla. Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, Shar Chok Bephu Cave, Ravangla Monastery, and Ralang Monastery are few other places that you can discover here.

Temperature: The temperature in Ravangla often reaches to sub-zero level.

Travel Tip: Carry a good amount of woolen clothes with you to keep yourself warm and fit in the bone tearing cold weather.

08. Mangan Music Festival

Mangan Music Festival
If you plan your Sikkim tour in December then you don’t only get an opportunity to play with the snowballs but also you can take part in the grand celebration of the Mangan Music Festival. So, if you are keen to get an insight into the tradition and culture of Sikkim then this is one of the best time to discover the wonders of this beautiful state. Also, if you love dancing and want to grove your feet on the soul-soothing music performances performed by the local artists of the state then there is nothing to wait, for now, so pack your bags and get ready to get a new travel experience.

Temperature: Ranges between 6 and 13 degree Celsius and sometimes reaches to sub-zero level.

Travel Tip: There is nothing special to keep in mind just pack the necessary stuffs required in the winter season.

The list of places to explore in Sikkim doesn’t end here as there is an endless number of travel sites established here but we have compiled only 8 of them. If you want to gather information about other places for your holiday plans then do show your appreciation by liking, sharing, and commenting on this post.

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